Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bulldawgs, Bar-B-Que, Boiled Peanuts & Bourbon!

Get the picture (Thanks again Larry Munson)! A beautiful, somewhat crisp, blue skied Saturday in the deep South. Crisp meaning a high in the upper 60's that was preceded by a nighttime low in the low 40s, and blue skies referring to the kind that would make a Tarheel's heart fill with envy. And to top it all off, it's a Georgia Gameday Saturday. The Dawgs might be at home "Between the Hedges", or on the road doing gridiron battle on foreign turf. No matter, it's a great to be a child of the South on a football Saturday getting ready to tailgate at the game or at home. The smoker is out at daybreak in order to have that 'boston butt' ready by the early evening hour, knowing a slab of ribs will hit the top rack about mid afternoon so they'll both be ready together. Of course you could cater in a little of Jeff's chopped Bar-B-Que from Midville, Georgia, or choose the pork from Rick's in Dublin, and of course there is always the Dairylane's choice "Q" in Sandersville. Flavor any and all of this with a little of Roan's 'Crossroads Grilling Sauce' and your southern Saturday dining is not only complete, it;s hard to beat. Around mid morning the peanuts begin boiling, and after you've salted them to perfection, they'll be consumed all afternoon long. They wash down splendidly with your choice of Corona with lime, Jim Beam and ginger, or the old southern staple, Atlanta's own Coca Cola! Not to mention all of this is taking place with a CD of Munson's highlights booming in the background. You know, a little "Look at the sugar falling from the sky" or "Run Lindsey. Lindsey Scott. Lindsey Scott" or "My God, only a freshman". Now that will get your gameday world rocking like a hob-nail boot! A little 'front porch lemonade' or 'bourbon slush' offers great game time support. Share all of this with some Bulldawg Buddies, and just like MasterCard says, 'priceless'! Then it's "Go Dawgs" and Glory, Glory to ole' Georgia, G-E-O-R-G-I-A!

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