Sunday, October 12, 2008

How about: "Wild Dawg" or "Rabid Dawg" or "Dawgs Gone Wild"

One NFL offensive coordinator commented that his philosophy centered around getting the football into the hands of your best play makers as often as you can, anyway that you can. I believe Houston Nutt's staff at Arkansas did a very good job of that by allowing Darren McFadden to take direct snaps from center and create opportunities on his own, as well as for running back mate Felix Jones. This wide open style of offense was known as the "Wild Hog" offense of the Razorbacks. In the NFL, the Miami Dolphins have their own "Wildcat" attack which allows direct snaps to Ronnie Brown with fellow running back Ricky Williams in the slot and quarterback Chad Pennington spread out as a wide receiver. They have been creative, as well as successful in this formation. I could envision Georgia having either Knowshon Moreno or Caleb King taking direct snaps out of the shotgun formation, then using the other for fakes or hand offs or decoys. Run an end around to A.J. Green out of this 'wild thing' and you would have the chance to use three of your fastest and most elusive players. All on the field at the same time. Now that would give defensive coordinators more to consider with the Bulldog's offensive attack. After the Tennessee game, I think they have our fade routes and quarterback keepers pretty much figured out.

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