Sunday, October 19, 2008

Georgia 24 Vanderbilt 14

Georgia defeated Vanderbilt 24-14 in Athens Saturday. And that's about it. Not 'Georgia dominated Vandy'. Not 'Georgia overwhelmed Vandy'. Not 'Georgia crushed Vandy'. Not even 'Georgia Rolls through Vandy'. Georgia just defeated Vandy between the hedges. A win is a win is a win. We got the lead and held on. Not spectacularly, or fantastically, nor impressively. Just about like at this point last year, only we didn't need a late, crucial turnover to make it happen this time. And now you wonder more than ever what fate awaits us next week in Baton Rouge, not to mention later in Jacksonville. Will Georgia mature as a football team just as they did at this point a year ago? Or will the Bulldogs continue to wade in that murk and mire known as mediocrity? A few "ups" must take place in order for Georgia to achieve the lofty goals of the pre-season: UGA VII will have to grow up like his Dad, Mike Bobo will have to wake up as an OC, Willie Martinez will have to show up as a DC, the offensive line will have to man up against stronger DLs, the secondary will have to light up speedy receivers, and Mark Richt will have to coach up a team in that needs to step up. All of these "ups" happened last year. If they don't happen this year, we really don't want to consider all the "downs".

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