Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brannan Southerland Returns

Georgia's senior fullback Brannan Southerland returns to the Bulldogs lineup for Saturday's annual showdown against Tennessee. With the fullback's somewhat 'humble' role in offenses these days, you might be inclined to respond 'big deal'. Well, getting the big #36 back in the Dawgs backfield is huge for several reasons. One is that he provides that good 'ole intangible of leadership. Senior leadership at that. You can't buy it, you can't borrow it. You just gotta have it. Southerland's got it and we need it. Two is that he is arguably the best blocking fullback in college football. With a guy like Knowshon Moreno lined up at tailback, how important do you think a dude like Southerland is? Also, Matthew Stafford has to be encouraged by such a competent weapon returning to his backfield. Three is that he can always get you that crucial one, two, or three yards when you absolutely have to have them. He is clutch. The fourth reason is that he has excellent hands, especially for a fullback. We have utilized him as a receiver often before, and this adds another dimension to our offense that coordinators have to prepare for. Hopefully, he is completely healed and rehabilitated from foot surgery and we will have him in the Bulldog backfield for the remainder of the season. Borrowing a phrase for the 'Herschel Era': "Let the Big Dawg Eat"!

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