Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tech "Tanks" It

That's right Paul Johnson. Your Jackets don't really control their own destiny in the Coastal Division of the 'mighty' ACC anymore. Virginia put the "topsy-turvy" back in your season with a 24-17 win. Just when all of Georgia Tech's spirit's were so high. And you evidently forgot to tell your Bees they're supposed to win on Homecoming. You also had all the Techies in the palm of your hand, with visions of grandeur dancing in their analytical heads. Now you've let all those illusions turn into delusions. Shame, shame. Not to worry though, 'Engineering Boys'. You still have a chance with surprising North Carolina and much improved Miami left on that gridiron schedule (but I think your "Gardner Webbs" are gone). Just win out and hope for a Virginia loss and you're in. Right? Wrong..., 'cause it's just not gonna happen!

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