Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just which Bulldogs?

Overrated, under-achieving, or just haven't started peaking yet. Take your pick, any or all of the above. These are the things that practically everyone is wondering about concerning the 2008 edition of Mark Richt's Bulldogs. Georgia faithful are clinging to the hope that the Dawgs will get just as hot this year as they did last year about this same time in the season. And all they did last year was go on to be one of the best teams in the country by season's end. Ah, don't fret over these things for long. A whole lot of question marks will be erased after Georgia meets LSU in Baton Rouge Saturday. Will the penalty laden, red-zone burdened, mistake prone Bulldogs continue to plague themselves this weekend in Tiger Stadium? Or will we see an efficient, disciplined, intelligent group of canines? If the answer is the former, then everyone, and I mean everyone, on our schedule scares me terribly. However, if the answer is the latter, then everyone, and I mean everyone, on our schedule should be scared terribly of us. Stick around folks, this thing is about to come to a head. For better or for worse...

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