Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New England 25 - Buffalo 24

On the night of the much anticipated return of Tom Brady, as well as, the not so much anticipated return of the throw-back uniforms, New England stunned Buffalo with two late fourth quarter scores. But what actually did the Bills in wasn't the scores (although they had to have the points, of course), it was the heart and soul of Tom Brady. You just gotta love that "refuse to lose" mentality. Down two scores when New England got the ball with 5:32 remaining on the game clock, 'Number 12' told the guys in the huddle: "We're gonna score before the two-minute warning, we're gonna get the ball back somehow, and we're gonna win". I think that is almost exactly what happened. The Patriots obviously have a lot of work to do to be a great team this season, but at least they have Brady back following a year off due to knee surgery. As Randy Moss alluded, when you have a guy like that leading you, the rest of the team just needs to shut and make plays. I enjoy just shutting up and watching the guy perform.

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