Thursday, September 24, 2009

Atlanta Braves: Wild Chance at a Wild Card

The Atlanta Braves, along with the San Francisco Giants, are four games behind the Colorado Rockies in the National League Wild Card race. The Florida Marlins are 4 1/2 games back. Both the Braves and the Rockies have ten games left to play in the season. They both also play seven of those ten remaining games on their home fields. However, Colorado must play six of their ten against divisional leaders, St. Louis and Los Angeles. On the other hand, Atlanta plays the 52-99 Washington Nationals seven more times, with the final four played at Turner Field. On paper it would appear Atlanta has an easier closing stretch than the Rockies, but don't forget these two facts: 1) Colorado has that four game cushion, and 2) Atlanta has not dominated Washington by any means this year (6-4). I heard commentary several weeks ago that 90 wins will earn a team the wild card spot most years. Atlanta, San Francisco, and Florida all have 82 wins at this point, and Colorado has 86. Atlanta is hot now, and I could see them going 8-2 to finish the year. In fact, I can imagine the Braves going 8-2 before I can see the Rockies going 4-6. Colorado has just played very steady, consistent, and strong. And they've been really fortunate to pull out some late season come-from-behind victories. With my head I'm picking Colorado, but with my desires I'm going with the Braves. After all, it's still not to late. Yet...

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