Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Blue Field Needs to Go

Blue is for swimming pools. Center court at the U.S. Open is blue, and I can live with that. Not pool table felt though. Nor tartan track surfaces. And certainly not football fields. No way. Come on Boise State, enough is enough. Your blue field is putrid, at best. When the Broncos played Oregon last week (you remember, the "punch" heard 'round the world), Boise was decked out in all blue uniforms. You really had to concentrate to see the players. They blended in with the blue turf. Since the NCAA is so big on regulations, why can't they decree that the blue turf must go? Give Bobby Bowden back his games, just don't give Boise their blue field. I like Boise's wide-open brand of football, but I just want to see it played on a green surface. So much so that I'll donate the first can of green spray paint. Go for it Boise! Let 'Buster Bronco' gallop out on the surface of his ancestors: green grass.

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