Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tim Tebow: He Finally Gets Hit

Tim Tebow finally took a shot. It took until his senior season for him to really get hit. And he did get hit. He was released from a Lexington hospital today, and I'm glad he is going to be o.k. I would hate to listen to the excuses coming out of Gainesville if he wasn't, and I never want to see anyone seriously hurt on a football field. But I have to admit, I've wanted to see him take a good, hard, clean SEC hit for a long time. He took one Saturday from the Kentucky Wildcats. His Gators are idle next week, so he has an extra week to get his "wits" back. I'm sure he will bounce back and be the dominating presence that all the press and everyone in the Gator Nation wants him to be. We'll see. But Tim, watch out for that blind-side defensive end. I'm just saying...

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