Friday, September 11, 2009

Ga. Tech 30 - Clemson 27 - Do Ya Really Care?

Clemson spotted Georgia Tech 24 points in the first half, fought back to tie the score at 27-27 with the second play of the fourth quarter, only to lose by a Tech field goal with 57 seconds left in the game. Now, I must be honest with you here. I did not stay awake to see the entire scenario play-out between these two football juggernauts. Someone I know who was on a diet said once said they didn't want to "waste their calories" on a certain dessert, and I didn't want to waste my sleeping hours on Georgia Tech football. I will concede it was an exciting game filled with big plays by both teams. The real reason I wanted to write this post was because of one play that wasn't so exciting if you were a Tiger fan. But is was nevertheless stupid. Clemson lines up for a 54 yard field goal in the first quarter, but calls time-out only to end up failing to properly execute a pooch kick which the Insects run back for a touchdown. While the Tigers were lining up for the apparent field goal, the play clock was running down. I'm sitting in the den thinking I wouldn't burn a time-out, just take the five yards and punt towards the coffin corner. Nope, Clemson coach "Yaba-Dabo-Do" Swinney wastes the time-out to set up the touchdown return by the Bees. But excitement is what the ACC is looking for in the absence of physical defenses in their ever-so-soft (sounds like Avon, huh?) football league. I guess last night was a success for them. By the way, Tech loves a Thursday night don't they? Go figure...

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