Sunday, September 20, 2009

Georgia 52 - Arkansas 41

If you have a grip on this 2009 edition of Mark Richt's Georgia Bulldogs, you are leaps and bounds ahead of me (which, by the way, is nothing to strut about I assure you!). I have no idea what this team is about after three games, except for the fact that they do possess a lot of heart, talent, and tenacity. All great virtues within themselves. After their second consecutive SEC scoreboard busting performance Saturday night, I wondered how many teams instead of Arkansas we could have defeated. Then I came to the only logical answer, as well as the only one that counts, and that is we only had to defeat the Hawgs. Georgia defeated its second straight conference opponent. On the road in a hostile environment. It was not a pretty win, as they say, but it was a win nonetheless. I wrote earlier that maybe this Bulldog team would be one that showed week-by-week improvement. I suppose they improved last night just enough to escape with a win. However, turnovers and penalties continue to plague this group, just as they did a year ago. If they continue, they will surely be the 'Achilles Heel' for this unit. I hope this is not developing into a trait of a Mark Richt coached team. We continue to be so very inconsistent on kickoff coverage, and very weak in pass defense. We did step up defensively on third down plays, our offense made key plays when it had to, and our punter, Drew Butler, was outstanding. If you love the Dawgs, this team is going to stress you out every Saturday. You will find yourself as worn out as the players are at each game's conclusion. Just remember, this team is a work in progress. They are definitely one game at a time, week-to-week. And this 'Roller Coaster' group is only a quarter of the way into the season. For this to continue to be fun, these Dawgs will have to show that weekly improvement. Maybe then we'll all know what they are about.

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