Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joe Cox: UGA Starter - Logan Gray: He Needs to Play

I've bought in to the fact that Joe Cox at quarterback gives Georgia the best chance to win. Mark Richt said so before the Oklahoma State game as well as the South Carolina game. He knows quarterbacks, especially his own. And Joe might be the type of player who gets better each week and makes everyone around better as a result. I'm all on the "Let's Go With Joe" bandwagon. That being said, I do think that Georgia needs to play Logan Gray at least one series per game. Especially for next year, but the time could prove valuable down the run of the schedule this year. We've let two games pass already, so I'm only suggesting the guy plays ten series from here on out. He could have played a series in Stillwater, and the plays off would probably have helped Cox. There certainly was no momentum he could have broken in the season opener. There were also times in the Carolina game where the insertion of Gray into the game would not have harmed the Bulldogs. The kid needs game experience. Just think if Joe had been given that opportunity a year ago. He might be a little bit more comfortable here in the early games of the season. I will admit, last year would have been harder to get the backup in games with all the high expectations and close,crucial contests. But this year, no such pre-season predictions of championships exist. We will not be hurt if Logan Gray quarterbacks the Dawgs one series each game. It will help Joe Cox, it will help Logan Gray, and it will help the team. This year as well as next.

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