Friday, November 20, 2009

Chance Veazey: He'll 'Homer' Again

Chance Veazey homered in his last at bat of Georgia's fall intrasquad games. He had three hits that day to elevate his average to an even .300. Two days later his scooter was hit by a car. Yesterday, the renowned Shepherd Center in Atlanta announced the diagnosis as paralysis below the waist. From everything we read and hear about Chance Veazey, although he has this diagnosis of being paralyzed, his will can never be stymied. His determination to overcome can not be halted. His dream may have been side-tracked, but his new challenge will be met full speed ahead. Chance will hit another homer, but probably not as a Bulldog second baseman. The next homerun won't even be in a baseball game. It will be in the game of life.

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