Friday, November 13, 2009

Notre Dame: Are You Crying?

Navy and Notre Dame have played each other in football on 83 different occasions. Notre Dame owns Navy in the aspect of the series, leading grossly 71-11-1. But the Midshipmen prevailed this past Saturday 23-21, and have now won two of the last three encounters. Consider this: the first of these two victories occurred after an NCAA record 43 consecutive losses. Now to the point of all this. This week a Notre Dame assistant coach bad-mouths the Navy head coach for a remark he made after the game. The way I read it, Navy's coach merely said they prepared for what the Irish did against them last year because he knew they(ND) weren't going to change anything. He didn't question any one's character or call anyone out on anything. He told how his team prepared and why he thought they could win. I must have really missed something here, because I can't see where he said anything wrong. With that in mind, I think Notre Dame should accept the fact that they were defeated by a Navy team that was obviously better than them. I also think Notre Dame is demonstrating that it is a lot easier to show class when you win. They don't seem to be showing any after this loss.


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