Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger Woods: You Missed the Fairway With This One

One of the slogans for Tiger Woods advertising campaigns proclaims "I am Tiger Woods". The ads feature different people of all ages and cultures saying that they are Tiger Woods. But now reality has really set in, and the perception of truth leaves no doubt. No one but Tiger himself can tell the police to get lost three days in a row. Forget the billion dollar income, the model wife, and the fame of being one of the world's most recognizable figures. If he doesn't want to talk to the law, he isn't going to talk to the law. Now, I do understand that he has no legal requirement to be interviewed by the authorities. No criminal charges have been filed. This is evidently a personal, family matter between Tiger and his wife, Elin. But, unless I'm mistaken, if the cops knock on your door or mine, it would probably be in our best interests to listen to them. Either at our homes, or "down at the station". Not Tiger, he can just buzz the fuzz. But I have no problem with his plea for privacy in this matter. By all means, he is entitled to that. But he is a public figure, perhaps even the largest public figure of all. It seems to me that he would want to inform 'his public' of what actually happened, as opposed to letting the tabloids, blogs, and late night talk shows run wild. Even if it your world Tiger, we all live in it. I'm just sayin...

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