Friday, February 12, 2010

A Little "7 on 7" to Start the Weekend...

Just a little "7-Up" from around the Georgia blog world. Try these seven on for size:

  • Davis Hale has an interesting breakdown of UGA football coaches' salaries.

  • Bernie wants to give you some help with your Valentine shopping: Dawg Style!

  • The Senator wants to know what's with the math in Alabama over at G.T.P.

  • Bubba & Earl let you know why they aren't real happy at the moment.

  • The guys over at The Grit Tree are worried about the Lady Dawgs.

  • All PWD has to say at the Georgia Sports Blog is "Damn", and I agree.

  • Kit might have lost his razor, but he always has some interesting views on the Dawg-Gone Blog.

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