Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tom Watson: Not "Tip-Toeing" Around the Issues

Tom Watson expects professional golfers to protect the spirit of the game. From using golf course etiquette to avoiding rules loopholes, Watson expects his fellow golfers to respect the game they play. He specifically mentioned Tiger Woods, saying Woods hasn't carried himself with the same statue as other great golfers before him. He doesn't feel golfers should use profanity and throw clubs, two things Woods has been guilty of, but not traits associated with Nicklaus, Palmer, or Nelson. He basically feels Tiger needs to 'clean up his act', and I concur with him on that. On the topic of the loophole in the rules that allows players to use twenty year old Ping Eye 2 wedges in order to use 'box grooves', Watson feels players should not take advantage of that. Box grooves are actually against the USGA rules, but a court agreement between Ping and the USGA in the early 90s allows those clubs to be "grandfathered" in. Phil Mickelson is one golfer who has taken advantage of this and used an old wedge, but Watson believes it is pretty much a cop-out. He does not understand why golfers would take advantage of the integrity of the game that way. Neither do I.

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