Friday, February 19, 2010

No Tears For Tiger

The long awaited press conference by Tiger Woods is over. Tiger resurfaced publicly today from the depths of his unfaithfulness to tell us all that "I am deeply sorry". That's fine with me, but I didn't really need to here it. I don't think the apology restores Woods' off-the-course credibility at this point. It doesn't for me, but I don't usually buy a product because a certain 'jock' endorses it anyway. I'm more apt to not buy a product that a certain guy might endorse. Kind of like me pulling against a certain team in a game more than actually pulling for their opposition. But I digress. Since we all know that the only place Tiger Woods is above anyone at all is on the golf course with his exceptional talent for the game, let's just get on with it. His personal behavior did not disappoint me because I didn't know anything about him to begin with. Now I know the words 'character', 'integrity' and 'class' do not fit Woods. Perhaps they never did. He is unquestionably one of the greatest golfers ever. I say 'one of' because I have no way of knowing what Hogan, Snead, Palmer, Nicklaus, etc. would have been like with today's ball, today's equipment, and playing on today's perfectly manicured courses. We'll never know those answers but it really is not an issue. The bottom line is Tiger Woods appears to be a much better golfer than a person. As far as I'm concerned, Tiger can swing anything he wants as much as he wants. On or off the course. There still will be no tears here for Eldrick "Tiger" Woods.

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