Sunday, May 18, 2008

Danica Patrick Can Win the Indianapolis 500. 10 Reasons Why!

10 reasons why Danica Patrick can win the Indy 500:

1. She has finally shown she can win an Indy Car race.

2. She has a top-notch team and equipment.

3. She runs well at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

4. She is focused, poised and confident.

5. She is talented enough to not only compete, but to win at Indy.

6. She has experience and maturity as a driver.

7. She will be starting in the 2nd row.

8. She understands race, pit, tire and fuel strategy at Indianapolis.

9. She is not completely satisfied to just 'run well' anymore.

10. She has paid her dues.

Danica Patrick, who drives for Andretti Green Racing, has already won once this season, she is currently 5th in the season point standings, and she has qualified in the 5th position for Sunday's Indianapolis 500. She is driving the fastest car she has ever had, and she believes now is her time to win the 500. For a career that has encompassed 17 tough years, an Indy victory would be validation that she is truly a very good race car driver, not just a good female race car driver. This year, her chances are as good as any driver's in the field. This is not to say she will win the race. In motor sports, you must have good breaks in order to win; racing 'luck' if you prefer. Your crew chief and pit crew must be at the top of their game. Your in-race decisions must be accurate all race long. You must keep your emotions in check. But now the playing field is level for her. These things must happen in order for any team to be able to kiss the bricks at the end of a long, gruelling day. Why not her team? Why not Danica Patrick? Yep, this just might be her year...Got Milk?

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