Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brooks Not in the Bucks Yet

I've been conditioned to think 'Big Bucks' when I hear anything about NFL salaries. But not all players in NFL mini camps have it so good. For example, I posted a column on Georgia Tech's outstanding punter, Durant Brooks, back on 4-24-08. Durant was drafted in the seventh round of last month's draft by the Washington Redskins. The 7th round isn't too shabby for a specialty player. He has reported to Washington for the 'Skins first mini-camp, works out at the Redskins training facility, and has an apartment in Virginia. Brooks, like other rookies all around the NFL, is competing for a roster spot. This is the surprising part to me: Brooks officially works 4 days per week at $100 per day. Yep, that's $400 a week with an apartment that costs about $1400 per month. Doesn't leave much for meals, much less spending money. Granted if he makes the team he will not have financial problems like these, but making the team could be 3 months away. I'm sure this is not just an isolated case with Washington; it must be a standard procedure around the league. But come on front office personnel, help the guys out. In most cases you used draft choices on them. They have enough pressure on them just trying to make the roster, don't make them worry about general finances too! You don't have to make them 'rich' yet, just do a little better than $400 per week. You won't even have to increase ticket prices to do that. These guys are right out of college. They know how to stretch a buck. Just do what's right and keep the stretching to the conditioning coaches!

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