Sunday, May 25, 2008

Louisville Cardinals: Just WHEN Do You Play?

I just read an article regarding the Louisville Cardinals 2008 college football schedule. Of the Cards 12 games, only 6 are played on Saturday. I did a double take on that one. One half of their games are not played on the 'Traditional Saturday"! Two or even three games would not have surprised me at all, especially with the revenue payout popular Thursday Night tilts. But six games? Wow! Louisville does jump into three of the Thursday deals, along with a Sunday, a Wednesday and a Friday matchup. Is it TV revenue, a craving for exposure, or a crazed athletic director getting his kicks messing up a college football season? I thought you guys were concerned about football players missing too much class time. Playing more week-night games helps take care of that concern? I sure hope Georgia's AD Damon Evans never stumbles down that scheduling road. If he ever does, I believe the "Bulldog Nation" would make sure it was the last schedule he ever helped make. I don't want UGA to even play on Thursday nights, much less a Wednesday or Friday. Nope, Saturdays are fine with me all season, every season. Our state counterparts over in Atlanta take care of enough Thursday P.M. games playing in the weak ACC. But then the Jackets probably need all the revenue they can get! If 'Deal or No Deal' comes up with too many re-runs during football season, Ill try and check some of you Thursday night boys out. I would hate to see your ratings fall, you might have to learn to play all Saturdays like the Big Boys then!

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