Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spygate -vs- Pay at the Pump

While we're on the NFL here today, how about a few Spygate comments? Yesterday, the league said that the book had been closed on Spygate. The Patriots had been exonerated. End of story. Done deal. But wait, Senator Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania has called for an independent investigation into the Patriots' alleged taping of opposing coaches signals. He pretty much said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league did a shoddy job in their own investigation. He is seeking objectivity and credibility. O.K., I like those two terms, and I really don't think I care if the Pats and Belichick are guilty or innocent. I enjoy watching them play because they are good, and because Tom Braddy is at the top of his game at his position. But Senator, don't you have a few 'bigger fish to fry' than worrying about Spygate. I understand your Steelers and Eagles fell prey to the mighty Patriots, but isn't there a fuel crisis in our country? Aren't we in a tremendously unpopular war in Iraq? Does illegal immigration ring a bell? The national deficit? The home mortgage industry? There are other problems, but I think I've made my point. The NFL is definitely a huge and powerful industry, but I don't think they need your intervention on the Spygate issue. I'm reminded of Allen Iverson's "Practice" press conference, and I want to say "we're talking about a game, not life and death, but a game; not $3.75 at the pump, but a game..."you get the picture! But respectfully Mr. Spector, I need your complete attention to what it costs to fill up my gas tank at the pump now. That is not a game. Leave the game to Mr. Goodell.

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