Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh No, Not 12 & 0

I love our Georgia Bulldogs as much as anyone. I don't ever want us to lose, and I hate it badly when we do. But we will lose a football game in 2008. I say this because the Atlanta Constitution had an article and a poll on this very subject this week. Our schedule is tough; if you play in the SEC East, your schedule will always be tough. Then you pick up Auburn, Alabama, and LSU out of the West, add a little Arizona State at their place in for good measure, and you do have a humdinger of a "row to hoe". Notice I didn't mention anything about the 'Bees' in game 12. In the mid October thru mid November stretch, we play consecutively @ LSU, in Jax -vs- Florida, @Kentucky, and @ Auburn. Brutal! And in the SEC, we beat each other up each Saturday, week in and week out. I'm not crying here, just trying to make a point of how difficult it would be to play our 12 games and go undefeated. Not to mention following all that up with the SEC championship game against the West champ, most likely against a team we would have already played. If anyone in the conference is 13 & 0 after all that, go ahead and give 'em the Sears crystal trophy along with the SEC trophy! Let the bowl game be an exhibition for crying out loud. We will be very good, but we also must be fortunate on the injury front, and we must be lucky on the good call, good bounce fronts. All great teams must be opportunistic, and we will certainly need to be. SEC teams face the most hostile crowds and loudest stadiums on the road of any conference in America. That calls for maturity and poise in crucial situations. I'm just trying to say here it will take all the intangibles for us to run the table. You might have to win in spite of a key injury; you might have to win in inclement weather conditions; you might have to win in overtime(s). It's not impossible, but I do think it is unlikely. I'll take winning the SEC East, winning the SEC championship, and winning the National title. If we accomplish those 3 obtainable goals, who cares what the record is!

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