Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hey Charles Barkley: Just Because You Can!

Charles Barkley has paid Wynn Las Vegas the $400,000 gambling debt he owed them. Now he must fork out $40,000 more to pay the DA's office for processing the Wynn's civil complaint against him. No sweat! Sir Charles says even though Vegas is a fun place, he will quit gambling for "a year or two" now. Oh really? He says just because he has the money to lose, that doesn't make it right. What? In a 2006 interview, he estimated that he had lost over $10 million gambling. I'm always reminded of what a friend once said about Vegas: they didn't build all those beautiful hotels with all those amenities because people came to LV and WON! Here that Charles, you will ALWAYS lose in Las Vegas! But after your self-imposed sabbatical has ended, you go back to that fun place and feed that kitty some more. Help 'em build some more inspiring architecture. Just because you can. The Round Mound of Rebound will again be found in Vegas town! But remember: it's still a loss even though you've got it to lose. Good L-U-C-K....

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