Friday, May 23, 2008

Jason Taylor: Give the Guy a Break

All of the off-season NFL gab, at the present time anyway, seems to be centered around Miami's Jason Taylor. You know, the All-Pro defensive end and 'Dancing With The Stars' finalist. Well it seems that everyone is up in arms about Taylor's failing to take part in voluntary off season workouts, mini-camps, and perhaps even training camp itself. But I don't think any of those things is really the big problem here. Everyone knows Jason Taylor can play football. And didn't the Giants Michael Strahan miss most of training camp last year? He seemed to have a pretty 'sweet' season! No, the big deal here is Mr. Bill Parcells. Parcells is the executive vice president of football operations for the Dolphins. Which means he is the football boss; the czar if you will. No one upstages Bill Parcells. Not the media, not an owner, and certainly not a player. He exerts control over all he surveys, and right now Taylor is not playing his part as one being controlled. Make no mistake, the Dolphins hold the cards here because they have Mr. Taylor under contract. But Taylor is by far their best player, so that gives him a bit of leverage as well.
I buy into the "team" concept, but I do believe Jason Taylor has earned this little escape from off season participation. Everyone knows what the guy can do, he's no rookie trying to earn a roster spot. He definitely does not have a reputation as a disruptive force on the team. There are no attitude or conduct issues with this guy, and he has given the francise their money's worth (if that's even possible in professional sports inflated contract days). So give the veteran a break. Lighten up big Tuna! No one is going to usurp your majestic authority. And when this all blows over and JT returns to the game he loves and plays so well, then you can resume your role as one of the biggest jerks in pro football. Being a jerk, a game you play so well.

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