Thursday, September 18, 2008

Football at its Finest: The S.E.C!

Hold on to your seats, Southeastern Conference football fans. The heat just got turned up a notch in the kitchen! Check out the slate for this weekend's games: Alabama travels to Arkansas, LSU invades the Plains to trade punches with Auburn, Tennessee welcomes Florida to Neyland Stadium, Vandy journeys to Oxford to take on Ole Miss, while Mississippi State takes on Georgia Tech (who?) in Atlanta, and last but certainly not least the Georgia Bulldogs head west to convert the Sun Devils. How's that for a slate of high caliber games? Consider these issues: will the Crimson Tide team that demolished Clemson resurface and eat up the Hogs in Fayetteville? We know Auburn can play defense, but can they muster enough offense to tame those other Tigers from Baton Rouge? Will the Volunteers show that the UCLA loss was a fluke and play the Gators tough, or will they get nuked in Knoxville? The Commodores and the Rebels might match up well in Mississippi - which one will "cover Dixie like the dew"? We all know too well that the Yellow Jackets have it oh so tough when facing Bulldogs - can this pack of canines from Starkville jump on the Jackets? And will the Dawgs win in Tempe only to drop in the polls again? Is this bunch from Athens really overrated, or will they have a break-out night in the desert? See, I told you to hold on. It's gonna be that kind of weekend for the SEC. You better be ready for some football, because it's coming at you fast and furious. Southern style!

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