Monday, September 8, 2008

Roger Federer: A "Frederesque" Domination

Roger Federer defeated Andy Murray in straight sets today to capture his fifth consecutive U.S. Open championship in New York. The victory was also his 13th major title, moving him to within one of Pete Sampras' career record of 14. He is the only man to win five consecutive titles in two grand slam events, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. In the final, Federer was accurate, enthusiastic, devastating, annihilating, and simply fantastic. One doesn't have to be a tennis aficionado to appreciate the superb talent of a superior craftsman such as Roger Federer. He is to tennis what Woods is to golf, what Jordan was to basketball, what Koufax was to the artistry of pitching a baseball, and what Sayers was to the grace of running with a football: a master of all he surveys. If he isn't in a class by himself, I assure you it doesn't take long to call the roll! These athletes who combine unbelievable talent with a savvy mental approach, and an irreproachable will to not be defeated do not appear before us that often. They have an uncanny ability to do what is required to succeed, when it is required to succeed, and by any method necessary in order to succeed. Many times the means to the end by these guys is beyond our comprehension. Watch them, marvel at them, but most of all appreciate them. You never know when you will see their likeness again. Thank you, Mr. Federer. Game. Set. Match!

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