Monday, September 22, 2008

Larry Munson: The One and Only!

Larry Munson, the legendary voice of the Georgia Bulldogs, has decided to retire effective immediately. Munson, who will turn 86 this weekend, has been calling the Dawgs action for 43 fall seasons. He gave up calling road games last year due to failing health. His long time colleague, Scott Howard, will take over the call of home games just as he has for away games last season and thus far this year. Munson will always be remembered by Bulldogs everywhere for his famous calls such as 'Run Lindsey, Run Lindsey', 'Look at the sugar falling from the sky', 'my God, a Freshman', 'We just stepped on their nose with a hobnailed boot. We just crushed their face', and so many more. Thanks for all the great calls that stand for so many great memories. You'll always be "the voice of the Bulldogs!"

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