Sunday, September 14, 2008

Georgia 14 - South Carolina 7

Sometimes in the course of a football season you have to win 'ugly', and there was nothing pretty about Georgia's victory over South Carolina Saturday except the "W". And that it came at the expense of the beloved Steve Spurrier. But this series has always been made up of games that you probably would not reference at a coaching clinic. It's a play it, take the win, and get out of town type of deal. And it's also the kind of deal that if you're too far away from the SEC, you probably won't understand it. South Carolina didn't expose any new concerns about the Bulldogs, they just showed us that the the known concerns are still there. The offensive line must improve, the pass rush must intensify, the kickoffs and kick coverage have no where to go but up, the numerous and crucial penalties have to decrease, and receivers must hold on to every catchable ball thrown their way. Did I mention that we can have no more missed assignments on either side of the ball? Other than those 'little' things, we're a really good football team. We must improve every Saturday now. That is what a championship season is all about. If you check out the polls, there is not a top five team we would have defeated yesterday. But we didn't play them yesterday. And when we do play them, we have to play up to their level which is in the realm of our capabilities. And that entails week by week improvement. There is no talent shortage in Athens, and our depth can sustain us if we don't have anymore season ending injuries. The intangibles such as character, leadership, and the burning desire to not be defeated must surface 'bigtime'. We have to continue to work hard and improve. And win 'ugly' sometimes!

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