Monday, September 1, 2008

Who's Hot: SEC - Who's Not: ACC

At some point during Saturday nights Alabama - Clemson game at the Georgia Dome, Brent Musburger said something to the effect that Alabama was giving the best of the ACC more than they could handle. With that in mind considering Alabama's showing in the game, the SEC just got stronger and the ACC got weaker (if that's possible). Alabama is better than expected. Clemson might be better than they showed Saturday, but they still were grossly overrated (#9). And they are promoted as the best team in the Atlantic Coast Conference. All I can say is they better rub that Frank Howard Rock as hard as they can because they will need all the MOJO they can muster this year. It's ironic that the game was played in Georgia, because the two local teams now have two entirely different points of view afterwards. Georgia Tech must have a new ray of hope for their chances in that dismal conference. On the other hand, The Bulldogs of Georgia just saw their ridiculously difficult schedule get even tougher by the quality of Alabama's play along with their own loss of defensive tackle Jeff Owens. Two other varying takes from the game involve the two head coaches. I guess Tide fans think Nick Saban is already underpaid, and the Clemson faithful wonder why they have to pay Tommy Bowden at all. Saban's team was well prepared and certainly ready to play. Bowden's team was neither of the above. His teams have always under-achieved, and they always will. What you see with Tommy Bowden is what you get. Not much. At least he's easier to like than his munchkin brother, Terry.

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