Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Atlanta Braves: Your Official Wake-Up Call

No need to set your alarm clocks. No need for the hotel desk to give you a wake-up call. You have it right here today from An Opinion on Sports. Wake up Braves. Since the All-Star break, you've played like you did in April again. All season long each game has counted, of course, but now each game REALLY counts. You might want to glance behind you because here come those Fighten' Phils. You had to know they weren't going to fold up and go away. Heck, they're healthier now than they've been all year. The Mets might fade, but those pesky Marlins will always be a pain to you. You have to cut out the sloppy fielding. You have to get back the clutch hitting. The starting pitching has to shut teams down. The margin for error is diminishing daily. The prize is large, but the battle is fierce. You better wake-up Atlanta, or you could find yourselves out of first place when August arrives.

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