Monday, July 5, 2010

Damon Evans: Dawg Gone With No Bone...

A few vodka cocktails, a pair of red panties, some illegal lane changes, and the next thing you know $550,000 is being windblown down Peachtree. In southern vernacular, it's all "gone with the wind". Such are the recent circumstances regarding Georgia's former athletics director, Damon Evans. One minute he orchestrates one of the most prominent university athletic programs in the country, and literally the next minute he only orchestrates his own departure. The river is wide and the valley is deep. Evans will have to negotiate all of the rivers and valleys now. Where does he go from here now that this chapter in his professional life has been closed? His credibility is wounded, and he can only hope the damage to it is not terminal. His image has been forever tarnished, and he can only hope it is recoverable at some distant point. Life is full of blown chances, but it is also full of second chances. I'm sure all Damon Evans is looking forward to is a second chance. From his family as well as from a future employer.

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