Thursday, July 8, 2010

Martin Prado: The Total Package

Last night Martin Prado went 3 for 5 with two home runs in the Atlanta Braves thrashing of the Philadelphia Phillies. He is stroking the stick at a torrid .336 clip. It was his second multi homer game of the season, and he has three lead-off dingers. He has 121 hits, 15 three-hit games, and 40 multi-hit games. He leads the Major Leagues in each of these categories. Deservedly, Prado will be the starting second baseman for the National League in next week's All-Star game. He has been quietly putting together a stellar season, but now his impressive stats are beginning to speak louder and louder. In a first half season where all of his Atlanta teammates have struggled at some point, Prado has not only been consistent, but superlative. To coin an old cliche, he has literally carried this Atlanta Braves team on his back. As I posted earlier, I don't see how he can play any better in the second half. His start has just been too impressive. Having said that, I do feel that his all-around game is so solid that he will remain steady and productive. Don't be surprised if his September stats are very close to the ones he's comprising before the All-Star break. I think that will be a matter of him just staying healthy the rest of the season. If he can stay on the field and the Braves can win the division, it is possible we could be talking about the National League MVP. Now don't both of those possibilities sound grand? We'll just have to wait and see...

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