Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Michael Adams: Kudos This Time

I think the University of Georgia made the best of a bad situation by handling the Damon Evans situation the way that it did. Not by any stretch of the imagination am I about to jump on President Michael Adams bandwagon. The way he handled the Vince Dooley situation a few years ago still doesn't fly well with most of the Bulldog Nation, myself included. However, I will admit that the quick, decisive manner that he exercised in dismissing Evans was one of his better hours as UGA president. There is absolutely no way Damon Evans could have remained under employment by the University of Georgia. One of the most detailed, thorough and complete incident reports in the history of law enforcement sealed his fate without a doubt. His continued association with Georgia could only have been detrimental. The fast resignation and settlement was exactly what was called for. Evans carries the spoils, not the university. My hat is indeed tipped to President Adams and the athletic association board for their smooth resolution to a tough situation.

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