Thursday, April 10, 2008

23 in a Row and Waiting for 24!

I've been wanting to vent this since November, so here goes. How in the world do you make an interception for a turnover in OVERTIME and still lose? Because you are Kentucky football! How do you become the negative part of the longest active winning streak in major college football by one team over another? Because you are Kentucky football! Why would you give your coach a $50,000 bonus for winning FIVE games against SEC opponents(why not win your division, Coach)? Because you are Kentucky football! O.K., O.K., I know this is sour grapes on my part because your loss to the Vols kept Georgia from winning the SEC East. But come on guys, you had it first and goal from the one to win it in regulation. You had the above mentioned turnover in overtime. You let a field goal get blocked in overtime. No wonder you've lost to these guys 23 STRAIGHT TIMES! Maybe you should try letting all the 'Cats run onto the field after your first touchdown (if you score one) next year against UT. It seems like I've I heard of that being done before. Hmm....
And you've already named a successor to Rich Brooks when he retires. Man, what an honor! And his name is "Joker"? Make sure you tell him this losing streak 'ain't no joke'! Do you think he will still be your HC when Tennessee lays number 30 on you? Finally, the venting is over - And I feel much better! But I'll continue to pull against you where it really hurts you: against your basketball team. But at least they know which side of a "winning streak" to be on!

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