Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hey Brett, Thanks For The Memories!

At this point, no one knows if Brett has retired for good or not. He had so much difficulty saying good bye this time, that I wouldn't bet the farm against seeing #4 on the 'Frozen Tundra' again. After pondering retirement after each of the last few seasons, many people don't put too much stock in this announcement. The media has had a field day with Brett's stay or go dilemma. Especially the loud mouth Steven A. Smith. He has been unmerciful in his bashing of Favre. I don't know what #4 did to get SAS on his case so badly, but on his case he is. Maybe Favre declined to go on his show, maybe he said something negative about Smith's beloved NBA, or maybe he didn't do anything. Nevertheless, Smith is his 'public enemy number 1'! It's hard to figure for a guy who played the game with such enthusiasm, with so much fun, and with tremendous success. He holds NFL career records for passing yards, passing attempts, completions, touchdown passes, and wins as a starting quarterback. And don't forget the Super Bowl ring he owns. Needless to say, his Hall of Fame induction is merely a matter of time. If Brett stays retired, I will miss his love for the game. I'll miss the reckless abandon in his all out attempt to make a crucial play. I'll also miss all those emotions he 'wore on his sleeve'. He was the kind of 'old school' ballplayer who showed up every game ready to lay it all on the line; the kind who would still play even if the paychecks stopped. And speaking of paychecks, he has given back to the game with both his money and his time. The charities and fund raisers he is involved with are numerous. Stay retired Brett Favre and enjoy your beloved Mississippi! You've earned it, but we'll still miss 'ole #4!

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