Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just Not Cuttin' It, 'Cut'!

Some things that happen in this tremendously interesting world of sports, especially off the field, just leave me going "Why?" at times. Case in point: Why would David Cutcliffe want to be the head football coach at Duke? I understand that most assistants desire to be head coaches. I can also understand why Cutcliffe would want to return to those ranks. But to leave the SEC, the best football conference in America, to go to the ACC, the best basketball conference in America? And to the lowest of the low in ACC football: DUKE. Talk about a challenge at this stage of your career. I admit, 'Cut', I wouldn't want to work for the Big Pumpkin either, nor would I want to wear Tennessee orange, but ACC football? From being the OC at UT to becoming the HC at DU just dosen't hit me as a step up. I'm sorry, I'm trying. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you're out of the SEC East. You can flat out coach, and you're going to need every bit of that ability with the Blue Devils. And while I'm smashing Duke, I'll go ahead and divulge that I don't like Coach 'K' very much, and I think the school sold out the lacrosse team before the kids had a chance to be exonerated. Just as I posted yesterday, all that glitters isn't gold! Even though you won't have the talent you had at Ole Miss, must less in Knoxville, I wish you the best. After all, there are several teams in that conference I'd love to see you beat, starting out with the Insects from Atlanta, the Indians in Tallahassee, Bobby's boy at Clemson, etc. You can do it, after all it's only the ACC!

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