Wednesday, April 30, 2008

John Daly: Enough Already!

John Daly is a likable guy. He's kind of like the Dusty Rhodes (WWE) of the PGA tour. You know, The American Dream: "The man of the hour, the man with the power, too damn sweet to ever be sour"! John's got the big gut, he guzzles his beer from a can, he chain smokes those cancer sticks, he marries his women but they never seem to stay around too long, he gambles money away with total disregard, etc., etc,. Just like your stereotypical, dues paying country club member, right? All golfers and/or golf fans can identify with at least one of these qualities. Or at least understand them (see, I gave you an easy "out" on that one). He's like a big, cuddly bear. But most of the time with JD, you don't know whether to give him a bear hug or a stiff kick in the butt. It's a fine line with John. So much unfulfilled potential. Too many distractions. So many 'episodes'. He's been fired by swing coaches, dropped by sponsors, and disqualified from tournaments. At some point you just shake your head, and the word 'sad' comes to mind. Should we care when it seems like he does not? Pro coach Butch Harmon said the most important thing to Daly is getting drunk. Harmon agreed to work with Daly, but would not be a part of all the circus act that is Daly the majority of the time. He chose to disassociate himself from John. You certainly can't blame Butch Harmon. So much talent wasted, primarily because he can't be managed from the shoulders up. He is barely ranked in the top 600 golfers in the world. A guy who has won 2 majors, and it's fair to say he should have won more. He has, or had, the game to win at Augusta. He had more than a couple of positive British Open showings. He really is a fan favorite. However, when you drink away your chances of making the cut at the PODS Championship, your chances of even making it into the prestigious events are not very good. Think about it: wasting your time and talent doing shirtless interviews sure makes it difficult to imagine you doing an interview in a 'Green Jacket'. Come on John, enough is enough.

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