Thursday, April 3, 2008

The San Antonio Showdown!

2008 is the first year that all four #1 seeds have reached the Final Four. Strangely enough, some pre-season polls even had North Carolina, U.C.L.A., Memphis, and Kansas ranked 1 thru 4. This should make for an exciting FinaL Four. After all, there have been some rather unexciting contests thus far, so nail-biters and barn-burners would be a justified pay-off for the fans. Consider that none of the Final Four teams have lost more than 3 games this year and their combined winning percentage is .941. It really is hard to see any of these teams being blown out at this stage of the season and tournament. CBS has to be licking its chops in expectation of record ratings for this group. I personally would love to see Hansbrough and Love match up in the final, but Memphis just might prohibit that from occuring. I expect Carolina to be there, so you pick 'em: North Carolina, Memphis, U.C.L.A. or Kansas. I'm taking the Tar Heels over the Bruins for the National Championship!

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