Sunday, April 6, 2008

Carolina: Could You Please Learn to Play "D"?

Dear Roy: Although I do bleed Red & Black, I also hold Carolina's basketball program in very high regard. The history of the Carolina program is legendary. The names we associate with the program are without question a college basketball's "Who's Who". You had the talent on this year's team to bring the National Championship back to the lovely college town of Chapel Hill. But Roy, the 'Heels gotta play some defense! Anyone who has followed your team this year knows that has been your 'Achilles Heel'. You even spoke about that 3/4 through the season, stating how hard your kids were drilled on the fundamentals of playing good "D", and your kids did improve for a few games at the end of the ACC regular season. But they never seemed to have that blue collar attitude on defense. That's hard to imagine because they have a kid on the floor with them who plays every play like it might be his last one. Come on boys, get nasty with me...but they couldn't do it when they had to do it. Speaking of Mr. All Out #50, or Psycho T, he's the epitome of college athletics, but he's not quite ready for the next level. He must get stronger and continue to work on his game a little more. If indeed he does stay for his senior year, you should have everyone back Roy, plus a talented class coming in. You'll be ranked pre-season Top 4 again, and you'll win a lot of games again next won't win it all until your kids sell out to playing defense night in and night out. Nothing would be finer than to see "the Big D" in Carolina"!

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