Monday, April 7, 2008

One Last Look Back at G-Day

Georgia's 2008 version of G-Day has now come and gone. Since the scrimmage, I've managed to read most of the Georgia Blogs and newspaper sports pages. I've also 'You Tubed' a couple of player/coach interviews. After ingesting and digesting all of the above, I've been able to form my own opinion as to where we are as a football team at this point:

*Matthew Stafford is an experienced, battle-tested QB, and he is making great strides towards becoming a QUARTERBACK in every aspect of that position.

*Our depth chart at running backs and wide receivers is solid. We just have to stay away from the drop-pass syndrome.

*Even though we lost a signing day deflection, as well as a transfer out, we're still o.k. at the tight end position. After all, we've been known as "Tight End U" lately.

*Now to the offensive line. Athletically, we're sound; Executionally, we're not there yet. This unit is probably the key to the success of the entire offense. Find confidence in the fact that the talent is there, the depth is much better, and we have arguably he best offensive line coach in the country.

*We are strong on defense, and Coach Martinez earned his due with his game plan against Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl.

*By the time August 30th rolls around, we will be well on the way to having solid special teams. We have to be more consistent in this area to be all that we want to be this year.

With all of this said, we will be very good and we do deserve some of the hype we're already receiving. But not so fast my friend! Remember, we do play in the SEC East and our overall SEC schedule is brutal. Thus, we will get 'beat-up' and we will incur injuries; that's just life week end and week out in our conference. This will be where we get to see what we are made of. This is where the intangibles come into play. You know, things like character, poise, leadership, etc. But you have to like our chances. We've ended spring drills with a lot more question marks than we have now. The Dawgs now just have to 'gel'. and keep finishing the drill!

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