Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Integrity for America's Pastime

I was listening to the Mike & Mike Show as I was driving into work this morning. Their guest was Phillies great and Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt. He was asked if it bothered him that his stats were diminished by the numbers put up the last several years as a result of performance enhancing drugs. His reply was that baseball fans are very knowledgeable about their sport and they know what the inflated stats are attributed to. I understand his answer because those years will forever be alluded to as "The Steroid Era" in baseball. Since this is in fact the moniker attached to those years, it is a black eye for baseball. Any player who used performance enhancing drugs to elevate his game, not only CHEATED on his competition, but he tampered with the integrity of the game. Baseball must clean up its game, and I believe it is trying, but it will take time. It is the most statistacally oriented sport there is, so the fan has to be assured the stats are legitimate. Be persistent MLB, you MUST restore the integrity back to "America's Favorite Pastime".

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