Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Yield to"Bubba"!

Tony Barnhart has a post today on ajc.com concerning the possibility of Steve Spurrier relinquishing some of the play calling duties at South Carolina. Seems as though The Head Ball Coach might want to take a page out of Mark Richt's book and devote more time to the overall aspects of his football team. The designated play caller might turn out to be "Bubba" Spurrier, Steve's son (Yea, you read it right: Bubba). Talk about a way to weaken family relations! But maybe he's getting ready to pull a Bobby Knight and set Junior up as the future"Head 'Cock". Hey Bubba, Pat Knight is still trying to figure out how to say 'No Deal' with that team he has at Texas Tech. So down the line remember: all that glitters might not be gold! It is South Carlina you know. Wake up Bubba, it's time for a reality check. Perhaps Pop really does need to be able to keep closer tabs on all his little roosters. They certainly have their own penchant for fun. He might even find it eye opening to sit in on some of his teams defensive meetings with some of the extra time he just might have. Or just maybe he's actually ready to scale down a bit. You know what they say: "South Carolina is where old coaches go to die"! He can go out with a Palmetto and a putter.

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