Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hey Georgia Tech: Eat More Chikin!

At least Georgia Tech didn't have far to go to carry their whipped rear ends home after being thoroughly trounced by the L.S.U. Bengal Tigers in the New Year's Eve Chick-Fil-A Bowl. That's because the Tech campus is a lot closer to the Georgia Dome than the Jackets ever were to being in the game with the Tigers! I guess that triple option offense isn't Tiger proof guys! The Engineers were dominated in their own back yard by the boys from the Bayou. No contest. Perhaps the Bees were too caught up with illusions of how they would look with their new "Georgia game score" rings in those Industrial Arts classes. They better keep working on the blueprints for that "invincible" triple option attack Those three points Wednesday night were w-e-a-k (I kinda thought they were s-w-e-e-t!). When you're down 35-3 at halftime, that offense will not get you back in the game. Not last night, not any night. That "blind hog" might have found an acorn in the Georgia game, but he was exposed for what he truly is against L.S.U. In a showcase event where Georgia Tech thought they would show the college football nation how far they have come, they only showed how far they have to go. One heck of a long way!

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