Monday, January 5, 2009

Who's Your Number One?

After all, your guess,or opinion, is just as good as anyone else. And I do mean anyone. Now we have four teams who have a legitimate claim to the title, and only one has an unblemished record, and only one will be crowned as the National Champion. The winner of Thursday night's BCS Championship game between Florida and Oklahoma will be the 2008 NCAA Champion of college football. That's because the format adopted by the Bowl Championship Series, and adopted by the colleges and universities, is the determining factor. Right or wrong, in sickness as in health, 'til death do us... no, that's an entirely different format altogether and a lot more complicated than football... Anyway, back to football. The Florida/Oklahoma winner is one of the four with a legitimate claim to the title. The winner will finish with one loss, while the loser will have two. Southern Cal has already completed its season standing at 12-1, and Texas will have only one loss after they defeat Ohio State tonight. Both of these teams have a genuine argument for number one. Then there is Utah, who thrashed Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and stands as the only Division I undefeated team at 12-0. That demolition of the Tide took Alabama out of this equation, and made many college football fans take the Utes for real. I for one think they are very 'for real'. Wouldn't it be great to see a four-team playoff involving four 'real' finalists"? We could have already played the first two games, and Thursday night would be the ultimate championship game. Everyone would have had their fair chance on the field. Computers and polls be damned. No excuses, we're talking complete legitimacy here. It could work, it would work. If only the "powers that be" would allow it to work.

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