Thursday, January 15, 2009

You Don't Really Have to Leave Early After All...

Wrong again. I had arrived at the conclusion that when you are eligible for the NFL Draft and your stock is relatively high, you have to go. You have to take the money and run. There is too much at stake to remain in college for another year. But wait. Oklahoma's Sam Bradford (above) isn't leaving early, and neither is Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. Florida's Mr. Universe, Tim Tebow, is coming back, as well as Gator linebacker Brandon Spikes. I realize you can debate the pros and cons for each individual athlete leaving the college ranks early from dusk until dawn and get tremendous differences of opinions. He should have, he should not have, he made the wrong choice, he's crazy, he had nothing to gain by staying another year, he should finish what he started, etc, etc. I personally hate to see any of the "college boys" bolt early. I believe you only get one shot at not just college football, but college life itself. I think you should 'milk' that experience for all it's worth. As a matter of fact, I think the most fortunate players are the ones who are red-shirted and get to be fifth year seniors. They are the sponges, soaking all of it up! David Pollack loved college too much to leave early. It was the same for Matt Leinart and Tebow. Get a Lloyd's of London policy and play on for your 'ole university. Enjoy the pageantry, color, and excitement of college football for as long as you can. There will never be anything else like it. And guess what Matthew and Knowshon, they'll still continue playing "between the hedges" long after you've departed. Early exit or not.

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