Friday, January 2, 2009

Robbie Maddison: Jump On, Jump Off!

Robbie Maddison picked one heck of a way to "jump star" the New Year. Just slightly after the introduction of 2009, Maddison jumped on top of a ten story building in Las Vegas, and then free-falled his motorcycle back off the Arc de Triomphe safely. It was, in reality, the successful completion of two death-defying feats in one night. I don't usually get into the stunt thing, but I have to admit Maddison's act was pretty impressive. There were a lot of things that could have gone wrong that would have led to a very unhappy new year for Robbie, but he pulled it off in spectacular fashion. Too slow on the ascension, and he crashes into the side of the building. Too fast on the ascension, and he flies off the other side of the building. Too fast on the dissension, and he crashes at the bottom. There were no magical illusions involved, although there may have been some stupidity involved in order to even attempt such a pair of jumps. And to top it all off (no pun intended!), he said that next New Year's jump will be even more spectacular. Whatever you say Daredevil Robbie, we can't wait...

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