Friday, January 9, 2009

Tim Tebow: A Little Too Hard to Swallow!

Once the sports media falls in love with a particular athlete, they don't believe he can be 'over-hyped'. It's almost as if too much is really not enough. I like to say they keep "forcing a guy down my throat", and I can't stand that. The worst part about that is they give all their coverage and attention to one guy, diluting the attention given to others athletes. They do it with Tiger Woods. I know he's the greatest golfer in the world because he shows me he is. I don't need the media types to continually harp on him unceasingly. On TV, they'll concentrate on Woods even when he's having a rare, but nevertheless bad outing, all the while ignoring the golfers who are playing well. And they do it with Tim Tebow. Oh how they do it with Tim Tebow. I realize he will go down as one of the greatest college football players ever, certainly one of the all-time great competitors. I understand what a great young man he is off the field as well. But give me a break. As a die-hard Bulldog, I can't be too enamored with the guy anyway, but the media actually turns me off by "forcing him down my throat". I stopped watching ESPN's coverage of last night's BCS Championship this morning because they made it all about Tebow. Over and over and over. Wasn't Florida's defense worthy off a little more of Mr. Tebow's air time?When is enough, enough? Probably not anytime soon, and that is the main reason I hope he turns pro early. I know he won't, but a break from him in the SEC would be terrific. On and off the field.

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