Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tony Dungy Retires

It is true that Tony Dungy is the first African-American head coach to win a Super Bowl title. And since we are so much into counting in this country these days, I suppose he is the first black head coach to voluntarily retire from the profession. But I assure you the color af Dungy's skin has nothing to do with the character of the man. Tony Dungy is class. Tony Dungy is about character and integrity and honesty and respect. Tony Dungy is a Christian man who lives his faith and religion. His actions literally speak louder than his words. What you see is what you get with Dungy; and you see a lot. The NFL will miss Tony Dungy. One very important reason is because he is proof that we need to be counting character instead of race. You see, it says much more about "who" Tony Dungy is, as opposed to "what" he is. The world needs more people like Tony Dungy. And we need them in a hurry.

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